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Justice Prevails


In this funny, sexy, sometimes thrilling romp, Murphy Wells' family cottage is the perfect setting for a special ops stake-out, but Murphy doesn't hide the fact she doesn't like the idea.  She gives in with some sexy persuasion by Justice Coulter, aka Striker.  Will she feel the same when danger hits a little too close to home?

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Phantom Rising


The FBI wants ex-spec ops Phantom and Striker to come out of retirement to work a case.  But this isn't any old case.  This was closed five years ago.  This was the case that killed Phantom's wife.  And there's something not quite right within the agency.  Join the six friends from the first IMPS novel, Justice Prevails, in this thrilling romantic romp where they find out that not everyone or everything is as it seems.

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Remembering Riley


The rock & roll band Riley manages is shocked when they hear Cassie sing and they want her on their national tour.  But Riley doesn't want his woman living that lifestyle and the reason shocks everyone!  Still he supports what she wants, knowig it's not the same, only to have an accident on tour leave the woman he loves with no memory of him.

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Diesel A Hart Investigations Romance.

Two people.  Two secrets. He cared for her. More than he thought possible. He didn't want her involved in this but here they were... in a warehouse, one of them covered in blood, surrounded by death.

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For commitment phobe, Percy, bad-boy guitarist of the internationally known rock band, FIREBIRD, finding a girlfriend was a big surprise.  Finding that he wanted more from her was a complete shock.  Add in a stalker who believes they’re engaged and a lead singer who no longer wants to tour and you’ve got a wild, bumpy, sexy ride!

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The sexy men of the nationally known band, FIREBIRD, are back and in for the ride of their lives!  While blonde Adonis, Jimmy, and dark, delicious Matt are trying to win the women of their dreams, quiet bad-boy, Ace, is harboring a secret.  His friends thought he was finally off drugs but is he using again?  The truth sets off a chain reaction which includes everyone coming together to celebrate life... and death.

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She'd rather die than go back to him. Be careful what you wish for. Cody already has his hands full trying to win the girl of his dreams, even if she does hate him for something he didn't do. On top of that, his investigations firm is helping an old friend who's been keeping secrets. Traci doesn't want to be drawn to Cody, the man who endangered her best friend.  It's easier to hate him.




Three disappearances. All with ties to Gabe's love, Alisha.  Now Alisha is missing and all

 evidence points to someone in prison. Someone she put there.  Five years ago.

The race is on as the Hart Investigations Team tries to find out who's behind these mysterious disappearances.

But will it be too late or can they find her in time?


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